Having regular preventative maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment ensures that it will continue to perform as efficiently as possible, saving your utility dollars on a daily basis. The goal is to keep your equipment operating as close as possible to original manufacturer specifications.

Manufacturers may also require regular preventative maintenance in order to protect the extended warranties they offer on their new equipment.

air-purifier-filter-change-300x245One of the most basic ways to maintain your equipment is to change the air filters regularly. A clogged filter causes your system to work harder than it should, costing more in utility dollars and potentially shortening the life of your equipment. We offer a full line of replacement filters for all brands and models of equipment.

Our friendly and helpful technicians are trained and certified to accomplish all your repair and maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.

Repair and Maintenance offerings:

  • When your heating or cooling equipment is not working
  • Service and repairs for all makes and models of equipment
  • Filter and parts sales
  • Residential and commercial preventative maintenance programs

attic1-300x283Regular preventative maintenance will keep your heating and cooling systems functioning according to factory specifications and peak efficiency. What most people don’t realize is that it will also make your systems last as long as possible.

But the day will come when it is time to replace your system. Everything has a useful life. Technology advances. Perhaps it is just time to invest in your comfort, safety and install a more efficient system. Perhaps you are just upgrading from the base system that came with you home. Perhaps your focus is on indoor air quality. We can help you in all these areas.

ductwork2-219x300Be assured that Accent Heating and Cooling can direct you to the right Carrier® system that will provide you with the proper sizing and design for your specific home, providing you with the best air quality, safety, price point and comfort your your unique situation.

Accent Heating and Cooling has experience in replacing existing systems, upgrading systems, and designing and installing complete solutions in new construction, even including energy efficient geothermal systems.

geothermal3-300x246-1Call us today to see how we can best help you.

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